CWS-P/A Retrofits a Girls School in Abbottabad

CWS-P/A Retrofits a Girls School in Abbottabad


For the first time in Pakistan, CWS-P/A retrofitted a school damaged by the 2005 earthquake.  Government Girls Primary School (GGPS) Nawan-sher #3 in Abbottabad sustained heavy damage to its infrastructure during the earthquake; however, after assessment of its condition, the school was selected as repairable instead of requiring complete reconstruction.  The benefits of retrofitting instead of reconstructing a building include a shorter time frame and approximately 80% less cost.

During retrofitting, the existing damaged building is converted into an enhanced structure that can withstand intense earthquakes.  From partners who use this technique in other countries in the region, CWS-P/A learned about the concept of retrofitting. In order to successfully complete its project, CWS-P/A worked with NED University of Engineering and Technology of Karachi which assessed potential schools and developed the technical designs. CWS-P/A completed the retrofitting of GGPS Nawan-sher #3 on June 10, 2009 after sixty days of construction.

On July 2, 2009, CWS-P/A handed the school over to the School Education Department in Abbottabad.  The school will open for the upcoming school year in August and will benefit 230 students.

This activity is part of CWS-P/A’s School Safety Project which is funded by Christian Aid.


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