A little girl’s big dreams

A little girl’s big dreams

Zakira shares her artistic skills

“May I come to this room and learn what you are teaching?”

Eight-year-old Zakira became the youngest participant at a recent teachers’ training workshop held by Community World Service Asia at Qala-e-Shikhan Girls’ High School in the Laghman province of Afghanistan.

During the workshop, the facilitators introduced the teachers to the concept of nature and nurture by asking them to think about students that they liked and students whom they found difficult, and to explore the reasons behind their feelings.  Zakira shared that the classmate she most admired was a girl who always helped the other girls in the classroom.

The daughter of a mason, Zakira is the seventh of eleven siblings in a large family which struggles to make ends meet.  In spite of her difficult circumstances, Zakira inspired the team with her energy and interest in learning.

“I will become a teacher and teach children,” she shared.

Although she is not yet able to write, she participated in a poetry competition which was included in the workshop.  The team recorded her ideas and awarded her a runner-up prize for her imaginative verse.

“If I were a bird, I would fly, and when I got tired, I would sit on a tree with peace,” Zakira recited.

Community World Service Asia hopes to support Zakira to fly as she pursues her education, and looks forward to seeing where she lands.